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It has been a long time since I've released any updates, so I've rushed this release out with a few needed fixes and updates, the larger updates will be coming as soon as possible, I've been very busy with company and organisation projects and things have been intense, but I really want to continue my work on Ziron. I plan to push as much of my spare time into it as I can.

I have changed the formatting of the changelog a little so I can track on which days I worked on which features or bugs.


  # Added "SumDigits" sample submitted by 0CodErr.
  # Added "Multiplication Table" sample submitted by 0CodErr.
  # Added 2 new RTL functions RPadStr and LPadStr to strutils.zir, submitted by 0CodErr.
  # Added missing warning for truncation of pushed imm. see http://codeziron.com/forum.php?page=topic&id=189#post1725
  # Fixed set(..) instructions causing access violations. see http://codeziron.com/forum.php?page=topic&id=91#post1856
  # Fixed a bug causing errors when macro variable length was more than parameter. see http://codeziron.com/forum.php?page=topic&id=148#post1857
  # uses flags will now properly use pushfd, popfd instead of pushfw and popfw. see http://codeziron.com/forum.php?page=topic&id=219#post1853
  # Added opcode pushfw and popfw.
  # Flags AF, DF and TF ignored in compares. see http://codeziron.com/forum.php?page=topic&id=219#post1849
  # Fixed flag SF compare. see http://codeziron.com/forum.php?page=topic&id=219#post1848
  # Fixed returning smaller register signed/unsigned issue. see http://codeziron.com/forum.php?page=topic&id=205#post1846
  # Prevented the ability to declare the same procedure parameter more than once.
  # Updated sample Fibonacci - added break to default case state.
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