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QDC QDC QDC 0.001 PA12

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Added: Implementation of PM and Mainchat logging.
Added: Op Count and User Count are shown on the header of their respective groups.
Fixed: Getting hublists when no default addresses are defined crashed the client. (thanks to seraphim for reporting this error)
Fixed: Some user data was improperly allocated and the values would be NULL referenced (thanks to seraphim for reporting this error)


© 2006-2008 Mikhail Polenin


Open Software License 3.0


Version 0.001 PA12
Date 2008-03-25 01:02
Size 1.32 MB
Type application/zip
SHA1 7adceefee120a8930f81ade64d8fedda83885170
MD5 7d4459a2dd5f45184263828e402b585d
Downloads 145

Quarterly graph Period: Thu 11/01 - Fri 12/04 Downloads: 0 - 1


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