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HeXHub Plugins HeXHub Plugins ⋅ Mode 1.01

Chat filter plugin with unlimited number of user defined filters, it includes a few modes that will never be added to public releases of HeXHub for obvious reasons.


Update: Debil mode 3.00


© 2007-2020 Albu Cristian


Version 1.01
Date 2013-09-17 08:45
Size 118.67 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 6654d0b5eeb5ef24d78be41059c76f69bf664c3b
MD5 0f560b2a5f5953192071b8ed2f649690
Downloads 470

Quarterly graph ⋅ Period: Tue 28/07 - Sat 31/10 ⋅ Downloads: 0 - 1


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