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HeXHub Plugins HeXHub Plugins Messenger 0.4

Binary and source archive of Messenger plugin.


Added: Messenger plugin now adds unadded mailboxes on startup, so the hub does not need to be restarted any longer in order for the messenger plugin to add the mailboxes
Fixed: Crash with reinit and changing of bot's nick
Fixed: Messenger was sometimes showing false message counts when users did not have any messages


© 2007-2008 Mikhail Polenin


Version 0.4
Date 2013-09-17 08:45
Size 467.94 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 6192028857d2cfa45b797538201ae64f77ae6dca
MD5 eabfbfde55d7656fd151696e9c0479d5
Downloads 586

Quarterly graph Period: Sat 23/03 - Sun 23/06 Downloads: 0 - 2


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