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Лог изменений

Fix: Potential remote crash when receiving UDP data (DC++)
Fix: MiniUPnPc multicast TTL argument (DC++)
Added: Ability to reset public hublist addresses from settings (DC++)
Removed: Option to use Coral CDN, which became defunct (DC++)
Change: Default hublist addresses updated
Change: OpenSSL upgrade to version 1.1.1a
Change: Updated to minupnpc 1.2
Change: Updated to a more recent version of WTL and boost libraries
Change: Updated compiler to MSVC 2017 (including redistributable)
Change: Other minor miscelaneous changes
© 2007-2020 ApexDC++ Team


GNU General Public License, version 2


Файл apexdc++_1.6.5_slim.7z
Версия 1.6.5
Дата 2019-01-04 23:26
Размер 18.30 Мб
Тип application/x-7z-compressed
SHA1 88200df93cc0ba7cde8a8d4a3ba81db63d79fa94
MD5 a6cb6eb6c72e7a25b53b3dc3b9c36430
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