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AirDC++ AirDC++ Portable x64

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Лог изменений


Don't ignore private messages if there is an open chat session
Web UI updated to version 2.4.0 (


Fixes queue source removal on "File not available" in NMDC hubs (
Fix possible active mode detection issues for own user in NMDC hubs (
Fix a possible crash when closing NMDC hubs
Fix possible filelist-related stability issues
Fix incorrect total file count in NMDC partial lists
Fix HTTPS with hublists

Авторские права

© 2007-2023 AirDC++ Team


GNU General Public License, version 2


Файл airdcpp_3.52_x64.7z
Версия 3.52
Дата 2018-11-14 20:49
Размер 24.78 Мб
Тип application/x-7z-compressed
SHA1 2747cc38414373a51dec7d24f53e1265f315b42b
MD5 b9e13a01881baa41dc50d088aeabc799
Загрузок 53

График за квартал Период: Fri 08/09 - Sat 09/12 Загрузок: 0 - 1


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