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Abdul Abdul Abdul

Binary archive.


Changed: Nick is no longer stored in brain, instead a keyword. (recommend a new db)
Changed: Big improvement to the way abdul decides how to reply (will work with old databases)
Fixed: Several problems with abduls thought engine.
Changed: Abdul selects words slightly different now (more improvements to come)
Fixed: Dead lock from repeating words forever. (dead lock reported by RoLex, thanks)
Fixed: (bug) freeing memory already freed.


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File abdul2009.rar
Date 2013-09-03 08:44
Size 691.67 KB
Type application/x-rar
SHA1 d74003b86a7dabb89ccf8e5a66517cb69031e411
MD5 6d77ad3d7e1b4229bde98e442538e929
Downloads 665

Quarterly graph Period: Sat 23/03 - Sun 23/06 Downloads: 0 - 2


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