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Жалобы Жалобы ⋅ Not a virus spreader

I keep getting that 'virus and illegal pornography' ban. I tried everything. Changed my nick, changed my share, nothing works. Needless to say, I spread no virus, I checked several times.
Pls, remove the ban.
Написано herojf33 в 2021-03-04 22:53


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Re: Not a virus spreader

Кстати да, а из-за чего по нему в AVDB прочерк значится?
P.S. Это не мой бан, я проверил.
Отвечено Nostrum в 2021-03-05 02:56#507
Re: Not a virus spreader
The very first log of this ban was found here:

[2020-09-03 22:40:09] <# Вече> !avdetforce temistjer STELATIONS\0_юля\Юля.mpg

But now I don't remember what kind of file this was. Seems like illegal porn. Do you still have this file in your share herojf33?
Отвечено RoLex в 2021-03-05 18:43#509
Re: Not a virus spreader
No, I don;t have it.

I changed all share to something simple and easy to check. This is not in my share.
Отвечено Guest в 2021-03-12 21:48#510
Re: Not a virus spreader
Ok, I will remove your ban.
Отвечено RoLex в 2021-03-14 13:49#512
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