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Complaints Complaints virus spreader ban?

WTF? I haven't even been on in weeks and I come in to this?
[*] Nick: Ephemeral
[*] IP:
[*] Share: 2866963427151 [2.61 TB]
[*] Reason: Virus spreaders are not welcome here _ban_3d
[*] Extra: Here you can ask to remove your ban:
[*] Time: 2 days 23 hours left
Posted by Ephemeral on 2020-05-25 07:30


Post is locked: Outdated
Re: virus spreader ban?
It first happened two months ago. That day you were kicked, banned and added to our virus spreader database due to illegal pornography in your share. To be more exact child pornography. To be even more exact, atleast two files in your share containing bad keywords in their names.

Olia Young Russian Teen - Creampie DC_HUB --         muie,viol,pizda,pthc,creampie,sloboz,deflorare,sex,xxx,regie,anal,virgin,incest,futai,pedo,r@ygold.wmv

Luna.Lane.pregnant.(creampie.babymaker) cum in asshole of pink blond sexy asian preteen hardcore anal rape bondage mature amateur teen young blowjob sucking big.mpg

We do not tolerate such content, not even if those keywords are there only to raise attention. With other words, about 30% of pornography on DC is real fucked up shit man, sick content with barely born babies. This needs to get cleaned up at some level, even if we are the only hub in the world who do this! So this is a strategy we're working with, recording such spreaders and letting other hub administrators to know about that.

I hope you understand. Please renames those files if they are regular legal pornography and I'll let you in again.
Replied by RoLex on 2020-05-25 18:30 #453
virus ban?
what virus? can be specific more?
i have tested my PC and no virus detected
Replied by VodnikzWesce on 2020-06-07 17:53 #456
Re: virus spreader ban?
@ VodnikzWesce

Filmy 2\Czech Casting\Nezatшнdмno\Czech Homemade Incest  DC_HUB --         muie,viol,pizda,pthc,creampie,sloboz,deflorare,sex,xxx,regie,anal,virgin,incest,futai,pedo,r@ygold.avi

please read previous message in this thread.
Replied by RoLex on 2020-06-07 17:55 #457
Post is locked: Outdated