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Complaints Complaints Accidental Spam

Hi. I had no idea sending certain information to someone in a private message would be detected as spam

Sorry but i had no idea. Please remove my ban
Posted by Anonymoose on 2019-12-24 11:50


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Re: Accidental Spam
Anybody home ? on holidays ?
Replied by Anonymoose on 2019-12-25 07:46 #401
Re: Accidental Spam
Yes, was on vacation.

[2019-12-24 11:37:52] <# Вече> [03] Spam from Anonymoose with IP and class 0 in PM to culiki with IP and class 0: ip =  port = 10045     user and pass = culiki            go to /EMULATOR/NO-INTRO.....   and synchronize what you already got

Removed the ban anyway.
Replied by RoLex on 2020-01-05 19:16 #403
Post is locked: Resolved