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Hublist Hublist ⋅ Hub ID 4401 - Banned

Hi. Sorry guys, but it got banned. I had some trouble with the hubs script (Grimoire) and some settings there which made it hang, so I switched to YnHub temporarily. One of the settings (made wrong) opened up for some (idiots?) spamming bots or something. Whenever I kicked one, three seconds later another user with another IP. After some tinkering I got rid of these, but one of my bots got the funny idea not to let your pinger in and banned it, so I had to make an exception.

After some help from a guy who's more or less an expert, found the problem and I've now corrected it, I think, so I switched back to PtokaX and it seem to run stable.
One of the problems I had was that it got caught up in a loop or something and after about an hour of uptime it still showed as online.
One could connect, but not fully login, the client just said "Connecting to...".

I didn't see anywhere on the page where it says it's been banned that it will be tested again or anything, so I'd appreciate an un-ban.
Thank you.
Posted by 4c3T on 2018-10-26 20:13


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Re: Hub ID 4401 - Banned
Replied by RoLex on 2018-10-27 20:12#346
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