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Re: Return of the wandering opsec guy
I haven't had the chance to read your message, Vick, despite still being around. :/ Contact us if you are still reading this forum. We can set you up in the private hub. ;)
Отвечено Neo в 2020-02-17 10:16#408
Re: Return of the wandering opsec guy
Sup there?
Отвечено RoLex в 2016-07-24 11:00#186


Hi de high bre's your frisky network OffensiveSecurity guy here lol

Just thought I'd surf in and let you all know I'm good, can't be bothered turning a computer on these days, nvm sitting in hubs semi-perma,

My best buddys Meka and then Ashura when his angel arrived. But that's just who I've known longest, anyone Meka trusts, then i trust also, That said if you're part of TE you're my family, period.

days when one of us putting out a new "tool" every other day and The pwnage of [-TE-]-rejects, leakers, and other halfwits that made what must be one of the biggest laughing stocks of a 'team' in DC history, of course we remember them as homos++, Actually i read on news that Madkid is promoted, good luck mate, stick with TE, even if you publicly fall out never ever go make/join another group, it won't work, The only time this may have affected TE was when the best asm guy ever, a quiet but very clever upstart,
Lord_Zer0 appeared full of himself and his requests for TE to 'test' his hubsoft. The rest is well known,
Me, well i have teamelite blood, whether I'm here, there or anywhere, until i rest my bones for good my respect and loyalties lye with [-TE-] always, why?

Well you should know ']['€AM€LiT€ is for life

Oh, jackel sends his best wishes, hes a bit fked with ill health, but a solid foot soldier with sociopatic loyalty for the TE family.

Peace out guys, 1 time.

Ps. Dc client for iOS would be an awesome thing lol (:
Написано VickMaker в 2015-07-14 14:54