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AdvOR AdvOR Sevure Connection Failed


i am using a long time the Onion Router for Donwloading Music-files (mostly from Arte.de) when i got "not in your country" (or similary) in te last times allways i got a message while connecting to arte.de:

Sevure Connection Failed
An error occured during connection tohttp://www.arte.tv
The OCSP response contains out-of-date informations

What i am able to do ??? What i have to change ??

best regards
Posted by agam on 2019-08-12 10:33


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Re: Sevure Connection Failed
i got "not in your country" (or similary)

What county will work?

GO TO Or Network > Router Restrictions > Favourite Routers

CHECK Use Only Exit Nodes from favourites

Place the code numbers for routers of the working counties in the main box
example: ''94B7A0885AEFAF6CAD0D09930AA3026D53118107''


Use a browser proxy of the correct country (in addition to advor).

Maybe! cool
Replied by I can Try on 2019-11-14 00:15 #398
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