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AdvOR AdvOR advor not working!

advor return a 404 and is not working.
Posted by anon on 2016-03-08 20:38


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Re: advor not working!
Yes, there are alot of people who reported this issue today. Did anything change at Tor network side? I don't see any useful information on their blog or Google. Do you know anything?
Replied by RoLex on 2016-03-08 20:42 #121
Re: advor not working!
Following discussion at SF: https://sourceforge.net/p/advtor/discussion/942232/thread/1704cbae/

I've reuploaded latest AdvOR release: Advanced Onion Router

It now contains updated list of working directory authorities:

moria1 orport=9101 v3ident=D586D18309DED4CD6D57C18FDB97EFA96D330566 9695 DFC3 5FFE B861 329B 9F1A B04C 4639 7020 CE31
tor26 orport=443 v3ident=14C131DFC5C6F93646BE72FA1401C02A8DF2E8B4 847B 1F85 0344 D787 6491 A548 92F9 0493 4E4E B85D
dizum orport=443 v3ident=E8A9C45EDE6D711294FADF8E7951F4DE6CA56B58 7EA6 EAD6 FD83 083C 538F 4403 8BBF A077 587D D755
Tonga orport=443 bridge 4A0C CD2D DC79 9508 3D73 F5D6 6710 0C8A 5831 F16D
longclaw orport=443 v3ident=23D15D965BC35114467363C165C4F724B64B4F66 74A9 1064 6BCE EFBC D2E8 74FC 1DC9 9743 0F96 8145
gabelmoo orport=443 v3ident=ED03BB616EB2F60BEC80151114BB25CEF515B226 F204 4413 DAC2 E02E 3D6B CF47 35A1 9BCA 1DE9 7281
dannenberg orport=443 v3ident=0232AF901C31A04EE9848595AF9BB7620D4C5B2E 7BE6 83E6 5D48 1413 21C5 ED92 F075 C553 64AC 7123
urras orport=80 v3ident=80550987E1D626E3EBA5E5E75A458DE0626D088C 0AD3 FA88 4D18 F89E EA2D 89C0 1937 9E0E 7FD9 4417
maatuska orport=80 v3ident=49015F787433103580E3B66A1707A00E60F2D15B BD6A 8292 55CB 08E6 6FBE 7D37 4836 3586 E46B 3810

This additional unstable directory authority could be used too:

Faravahar orport=443 v3ident=EFCBE720AB3A82B99F9E953CD5BF50F7EEFC7B97 CF6D 0AAF B385 BE71 B8E1 11FC 5CFF 4B47 9237 33BC

But overwriting AdvOR.exe will not fix your problem if AdvOR.ini was already created. So to actually fix this with existing configuration you need to start AdvOR, go to OR network > Authorities and update the Directory Authorities list with one I posted above, then hit Save settings button and restart the client.

Thank you for reporting this issue. smile
Replied by RoLex on 2016-03-09 00:02 #122
Advanced Onion Router
Advanced Onion Router
Replied by RoLex on 2016-03-10 03:57 #123
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