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The other day, attacks on the Tor network has been confirmed.

What will we receive any supports for AdvOR about this issue?
Postat av Guest den 2014-08-06 03:35


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when will it fixed
since the attack on Tor server 4 days ago, Advor don't work anymore.
Is that someone have an idea of when it should be fixed ?

Besvarat av zebu den 2015-01-13 20:43#45
Re: AdvOR24

AdvOR is reliable on Tor network, there is no way you can fix this on client side. Only Tor network maintainers can fix this by protecting their servers where directory authorities are stored.
Besvarat av RoLex den 2015-01-13 21:05#46
Issues with TOR directory servers?
I haven't had any major issues with AdvOR all the month of Jan. I'm using the blacklist plugin and downloading the Primary Threats list from iBlockList. I'm unsure this would make any difference finding good routes for contacting directory servers. I always check wait until 3/4 useable descriptors are downloaded. Using 1/4 descriptors is flaky. I remove the cached consensus after 1 day and repopulate. I often have an issue with *Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 5%: Connecting to directory server.* and having an unverified consensus on the first try. I exit AdvOR and delete the unverified consensus file and run it again. It fixes this issue most of the time.
Besvarat av Pong den 2015-01-31 22:53#47
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