AirDC++ 3.55

This official AirDC++ 3.55 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 3.55

Updated Web UI and Web API (https://airdcpp-web.github.io/2019/05/17/version-2.6.1.html)
Force connect will now work with downloads that are in "Connecting" state


Fix share monitoring on Windows 7
Stability fixes

File information: AirDC++ 3.55
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AirDC++ 3.54

This official AirDC++ 3.54 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.

Changes in 3.54

Updated AirDC++ Web UI with localizations and file uploading support in chat sessions. For a complete list of changes, see https://airdcpp-web.github.io/2019/02/08/version-2.5.1.html and https://airdcpp-web.github.io/2019/03/13/version-2.6.0.html
Group hashed files by device instead of volume when using multithreaded hashing
Attempt to associate new private chat sessions with an online hub


Fix a filelist-related deadlock
Fix possible corruption of search type captions

File information: AirDC++ 3.54
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Changes in
# - Added translation file support instead of "lang" and "tran" commands
# - Added "lang_pref" configuration as translation file language prefix
# - Added "ver" command to automatically update script and loaded translation file
# - Added "asn_nofeed" configuration for space separated AS numbers to skip notifying
# - Added block chat mode with delayed chat messages to public proxy detection
# - Added Mozilla compatible user agent for HTTP requests
# - Fixed public proxy lookup message queue but it is recommended to use Ledokol instead for best compatibility

File information: Blacklist
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Huge performance improvements.

Changes in
Commit log: https://github.com/verlihub/verlihub/commits/master

File information: Verlihub
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Changes in
[ 75] Fixed: User log list contains wrong country code for given IP address
[ 84] Changed: Ledokol user agent for HTTP requests to Mozilla compatible
[ 71] Added: AVDB detection connection block message delay to avoid flood, report by KCAHDEP
[ 72] Added: Main chat history search functionality
[ 73] Added: Client NMDC version, supports and user logout time fields to user logger, request by dimetro
[ 74] Added: Command logger search functionality, request by KCAHDEP
[ 74] Added: Replace asterisk with spam message in antimessage configuration, request by KCAHDEP
[ 76] Added: cloneinfo command to list online user clones
[ 77] Added: Separate command menu item for cleanup of registered users table, request by KCAHDEP
[ 78] Added: Also remove user from Ledokol tables when cleaning up registered users table, request by KCAHDEP
[ 79] Added: More features to release bot
[ 80] Added: Support for new script commands required for cooperation with Blacklist script
[ 81] Added: Vote kicks are checked against voters IP address, request by KCAHDEP
[ 82] Added: Allow custom URL protocol in friendly hublist, request by Alexandr
[ 82] Added: clonemove command to redirect all online user clones except first one to specified address
[ 83] Added: Search result filter as an addition to search request filter
[ 83] Added: Public proxy lookup for chat messages, similar to Blacklist functionality
[ 85] Added: Search request duplicate filter, request by KCAHDEP
[ 86] Added: ledocofi command to find configuration variables

File information: Ledokol
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