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Aura Sync Monitor Aura Sync Monitor

Initial release of Aura Sync Monitor x64.

Changes in
Initial release

File information: Aura Sync Monitor
Написано auramon в 2024-02-29 19:48 0 comments 1 like


Bug fix release.

Changes in
Fixed: Saved model loading incompatibility

File information: DCGPT
Написано dcgpt в 2024-02-23 21:17 0 comments 1 like

FearGate FearGate Demo x64

Next release of 64-bit version of FearGate Demo with HTTPS proxy support. Your feature requests and bug reports are welcome.

Changes in
Fixed: Proxy password not being saved
Added: Support for HTTPS proxy

File information: FearGate Demo x64
Написано feargate в 2024-02-17 16:06 0 comments 2 likes

Verlihub Verlihub

Stable release version with Python plugin deprecation and other bug and stability fixes.

Changes in
Commit log:

File information: Verlihub
Написано verlihub в 2023-12-16 16:40 0 comments 3 likes

Ledokol Ledokol

Changes in
[139] Fixed: Errors on reloading Lua plugin, report by KCAHDEP
[141] Fixed: Skip parsing +me command when mainchat_class is set, thanks to Gabriel
[141] Fixed: Skip hub bots when detecting clones, thanks to Gabriel
[136] Added: Blacklist feature, similar to but less advanced, allows to import lists from
[137] Added: Hard IP ban now supports single IP, IP range or LRE and ability to disable items aswell as importing from
[138] Added: hbanfeedint and blistfeedint configurations to delay blacklist and hard IP ban notifications in minutes
[140] Added: System ban feature, requires IPTables and super user, use with caution if other rules defined
[142] Added: votekickregdays configuration as number of days user has to be registered before using vote kicks
[140] Improved: Translation parameter count mismatch, thanks to PWiAM

File information: Ledokol
Написано ledokol в 2023-12-16 14:32 0 comments 1 like