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Notice: data/text/motd.txt has changed to welcome.txt, replace as necessary.


# (2017.04.19)
    # Added new configurable restrictions != hub minhubs<0/1/2> and maxhubs<0/1/2> (Suggested by RoLex)
    # Added support for L/B in tag. (suggested by RoLex)
    # Complete rewritten and optimised the myinfo and tag parser.
    # Accounts with .enter_when_full set can still enter the hub when the full is full.
    # Added permission .enter_when_full
    # An error will now be shown for invalid != hub configs.
    # Added != hub validatetimeout
    # Fixed socket_timeout configuration.
    # Timeout debug message will now show related error message.
    # Added missing != hub welcome help entry.
    # Changed permission from chg_motd to chg_welcome
    # Changed motd.txt to welcome.txt
    # Fixed failing to run software if motd.txt did not exist in data/text directory.
    # Added != hub option "repamp <true/false>" for replacing incoming & with & (suggested by RoLex)
    # Profiles with .invalid_allowed will not be disconnected for invalid $ commands.
    # Added new permission .invalid_allowed
    # Fixed crash when reloading lua scripts.
    # Hub now sends debug to those that have the permission.
    # Added new permission .can_view_debug
    # Search request will replace incorrect ip and send debug. (Suggested by RoLex)
    # Fixed a BUG FUCKING BUG causing validate timeout for no apparent reason.


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