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Ledokol Ledokol Ledokol 2.8.7

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Fixed: rename command parameters when used from user menu, report by KCAHDEP
Fixed: Pingers can use +report command in PM to hub security bot when gag is set, report by KCAHDEP
Fixed: Incorrect IP in connect request notification
Fixed: Class number check on reglist command
Fixed: Don't allow forced infected user detection on users who don't share anything, report by KCAHDEP
Added: Save hub messages from operator chat bot in operator chat history, requires VH_OnOpChatMessage callback, request by KCAHDEP
Added: Turkish language, thanks to Mauron
Added: langfileprefix country code validation, also allows use of full country names in English
Added: User log search by country code


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Version 2.8.7
Date 2015-10-03 13:31
Size 121.59 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 a0816da1aae38b2c8d15c73fe756473cf29bb5b5
MD5 b723f147c68fbd2cff77b0e23c35563a
Downloads 629

Quarterly graph Period: Mon 25/03 - Tue 25/06 Downloads: 0 - 2


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