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Ledokol Ledokol ⋅ Ledokol 2.8.6

Описание для этого файла не было добавлено.

Лог изменений

Fixed: Missing $OpList command separator, report by PPK
Fixed: Missing built in right click menu items, report by Uhlik
Changed: Hublist user lookup now accepts type parameter such as nick, desc, tag, conn, mail, share and ip
Added: Antispam debug option to see which entry caused detection
Added: histdel command to delete history messages by text, request by KCAHDEP
Added: Use custom nicks in all chatroom broadcasts when available
Added: Regular and country code chatroom history, request by KCAHDEP

Авторские права

© 2007-2021 RoLex


GNU General Public License


Версия 2.8.6
Дата 2015-07-11 20:08
Размер 120.59 Кб
Тип application/zip
SHA1 7ee7f3c7c92975e1a7c25b61596ef55b16f72657
MD5 149ff334d56de03cfa4c74ef6922c358
Загрузок 515

График за квартал ⋅ Период: Fri 08/01 - Sat 10/04 ⋅ Загрузок: 0 - 2


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