Ledokol ⋅ Ledokol 2.8.3

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Fixed: Break the loop when infected user is found
Fixed: IP connect antiflood update would break the logout process when user is protected
Added: Detect invalid patterns before they are added, idea by Lord_Zero
Added: Detect virus spreaders by IP address and share aswell
Added: Antivirus search server to detect passive virus spreaders, requires LuaSocket
Added: List of blocked infected users in antivirus statistics, request by KCAHDEP
Added: chatcodeflag for destination of chat secirity code, 0 = MC+PM, 1 = MC, 2 = PM, request by KCAHDEP
Added: Automatic country chatroom entrance feature to allow users entering these chatrooms even when their country is different
Added: French, German and Lithuanian languages, only French is complete
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Version 2.8.3
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