Ledokol ⋅ Ledokol 2.8.2

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Fixed: Check if user is protected before running antivirus scan on him
Fixed: Ignore translation file version number when updating to last development version, report by S0RiN
Fixed: Correctly escape backslash character in cURL parameters
Changed: histbotmsg value 0 = don't save bot messages, 1 = save all except main chat reminders, 2 = save all, idea by Uhlik
Added: When blocking infected users tell pingers to not send report, idea by S0RiN
Added: Command to force infected user detection
Added: Reduce size of AVDB to download by using "notime" parameter, idea by FlylinkDC
Added: Detection of special virus spreaders who reply to any random search request, enabled by default, idea by Lord_Zero and MaxFox
Added: Report path of infected files to AVDB
Added: Command to search in AVDB, known types are nick, addr, size and path
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File ledokol-2.8.2.zip
Version 2.8.2
Date 2014-09-15 21:45
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