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Ledokol Ledokol Ledokol 2.8.0

Описание для этого файла не было добавлено.

Лог изменений

Fixed: +me command triggered by operator did not perform any operations
Fixed: Renamed "cleanup" command to "oldclean" since Verlihub has got "clean*" prefix reserver for some of its own commands
Fixed: Pattern of "oldclean" command parameters
Fixed: Correctly encode nick with cURL on user lookup
Fixed: Case sensitivity in vote kicks, report by Uhlik
Fixed: Don't send user commands to clients that don't support them
Changed: Allow pingers to use +report command, required for AVDB
Changed: Store country code gags permanently, request by MaxFox
Added: Custom orderless gettext() format for translations, strings must be in format "english|translation\n" with each string on new line, comment with # character
Added: Detection of paramenter count mismatch in translation strings, this helps to detect errors in translation files
Added: Support for replace variables in mitagmessage, <cl> = client, <ve> = version, <mo> = mode, <hu> = hubs, <sl> = slots, <li> = limiter
Added: Virus spreader detection with AVDB support, requires cURL
Added: Antivirus statistics, general and for each user separately
Added: Load infected user list from AVDB and kick them when they log in, disabled by default
Added: Commands to clear kick votes for user and list all current votes, request by Uhlik
Added: Triggers with Ledokol replace variables support, request by S0RiN
Added: More replace variables: custnick class classname uuptshrt uuptlong userhost userip geoiprange geoipcity geoipregcode geoipregname geoipcc geoipcn geoipconcode geoipconname geoiptz geoipcoord geoippost geoipmetro geoiparea myinfodesc myinfotag tagclient tagversion tagmode taghubs tagslots taglimit myinfoconn myinfostat myinfomail myinfoshare myinfoexshar myinfosupport myinfonmdcver
Added: Support for L1=Local Network and P1=Private Network country codes

Авторские права

© 2007-2023 RoLex


GNU General Public License


Версия 2.8.0
Дата 2014-08-16 09:43
Размер 108.55 Кб
Тип application/zip
SHA1 cf8aa36b0331abba2b456542e41758c3236d339f
MD5 5254f95a6ff1b608a73597a598b2aa4a
Загрузок 707

График за квартал Период: Tue 28/02 - Wed 31/05 Загрузок: 0 - 3


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