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Ledokol Ledokol Ledokol 2.7.7

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Fixed: Operator and user commands against multiple triggers in cmd_start_op and cmd_start_user
Fixed: Look for higher version during Ledokol update detection, report by KCAHDEP
Fixed: Don't try to send user commands to pingers
Changed: Ban and unban notifications now use OnNewBan and OnUnBan callbacks instead of scanning for commands, report by Uhlik
Changed: Don't notify /me command from operators
Added: Configuration antibelowclass that will override scanbelowclass for spam detection
Added: Configuration longdateformat to show in registered users list
Added: Right click menu feature to build custom user commands, set instrcmenu to 1 and see !ledohelp, user must reconnect to get new menu


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Version 2.7.7
Date 2014-04-05 22:14
Size 100.90 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 8f7aa9696f59dc0223572d6bdfe033832b192b58
MD5 d642b1489f13b2913bce754424a34b5c
Downloads 824

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