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Ledokol Ledokol Ledokol 2.7.6

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Fixed: Unknown user IP on unknown protocol command before user login
Fixed: Ban and unban notification without reason
Added: Full GeoIP information to user information, if supported by hub
Added: Updated country code list according to Maxminds ISO-3166 standard, also added "EU=European Union" and "AP=Asia Pacific Region" missing country codes, report by Uhlik
Added: "x" as multiplication character in calculator, you can use "*" or "x", idea by Uhlik
Added: "*" in <days> parameter to delete all users with chosen class on registered users table cleanup, idea by Uhlik
Added: !dropip <ip> command to drop users with specific IP address, sends notification to users with class classnotikick and higher
Added: +citylive <cc> command to show live user city statistics by country code
Added: mchistclass configuration to restrict main chat history to specific classes, idea by Lord_Zero
Added: Help notes to help command, request by Meka][Meka
Added: !ipinfo <ip> command to get GeoIP information about specific IP address
Added: Feed notification for replaced chat messages, real message is displayed, configured with classnotirepl, idea by Lord_Zero
Added: Separate kick time for clone detection, configured with miclonekicktime
Changed: Corrected some English language strings, report by madkid


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Version 2.7.6
Date 2014-03-04 11:22
Size 97.96 KB
Type application/zip
SHA1 bfff75afc766513c69a46c4c2fd01235509f2b5c
MD5 2dad01e4d88fd43c89557fb6de420b98
Downloads 706

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