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HeXHub Plugin SDKs HeXHub Plugin SDKs C++ SDK 0.4

HeXHub SDK for C++ is an object-oriented wrapper for HeXHub's API. Its purpose is to make the task of making plugins much simpler and making developers less likely to make mistakes getting functions. Note, this SDK is for use with all versions of HeXHub that have plugin support.

Авторские права

© 2007-2008 Mikhail Polenin


Версия 0.4
Дата 2013-09-17 08:31
Размер 15.70 Кб
Тип application/zip
SHA1 159df3497876c3a32ab81f7ca3e005ddfc61f35a
MD5 462a561dd9f3263f55b30bc7e657ba0e
Загрузок 615

График за квартал Период: Wed 06/07 - Thu 06/10 Загрузок: 0 - 1


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