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Captcha Recognizer Captcha Recognizer Captcha.dll

Captcha.dll facilitates automatic downloaders to bypass captcha restrictions when downloading from websites that require people enter a captcha to download the next file. Version 1.01 supports only captchas from and, more will be added in next versions.

Exported functions

int GetVersion(void)
Returns the version of captcha.dll, for version 1.00 this function returns 0x100.

int TextFromCaptcha(int captchaType, const char *filename, char *captchaTxt, int bufferSize)
This function attempts to solve a captcha and copies the result to captchaTxt buffer. The return value is the number of bytes written. Parameters are as follows:

captchaType - a numeric identifier for captcha type
0 - auto-detect format, version 1.01+
1 -'s captcha (2008-05) with dogs and cats, all letters
2 -'s captcha (2008-05), only letters with a cat on them (not implemented yet)
3 -'s captcha (2008-06-27), 4 letters
10 -'s captcha (2008-06), 3 letters
20 -'s captcha (2008-07), 4 digits
30 -'s captcha (2008-07), 5 digits
filename - a saved picture with a captcha, can be in any format that can be loaded by IPicture interface
captchaTxt - a buffer that will receive recognized text
bufferSize - maximum number of bytes that will be copied to output buffer

After calling this function, a file will be saved as matrix.txt that will contain the matrix of traces for types 1 and 2 (40xN), or the re-scaled image (16x16) for type 3. Saving this file is not an option in this version.

New functions will be added / exported on request.


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