AirDC++ ⋅ AirDC++ 3.60

This official AirDC++ 3.60 installer was put into ZIP archive due to unavailability of sharing pure executable files on our website.



Add option for disabled auto search in RSS filter
Display calculated priority and recent item status for auto search items


Updated Web UI and Web API (https://airdcpp-web.github.io/2019/11/16/version-2.7.0.html)
Override download skiplist for private magnet downloads
TLS 1.3: prefer TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 over TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384


Fix possible connection failures when connecting to ADCS hubs/HTTPS servers
© 2007-2020 AirDC++ Team


GNU General Public License, version 2

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Fil airdc_installer_3.60.zip
Version 3.60
Datum 2019-12-03 20:00
Storlek 46.39 MB
Typ application/zip
SHA1 8df3d10e6f57cb8c7ae74b8e9855f072a14a01ae
MD5 ed1e8556a7fd26fc10c752aec2f98ce9
Nedladdningar 148

Kvartalsdiagram ⋅ Period: Sat 20/06 - Wed 23/09 ⋅ Nedladdningar: 0 - 2


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