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Finland Epsilon Station

ID 753
URL None
Status Online
Failover None
Name Epsilon Station
Topic None
Description Scifi, Soundtracks, RPG and Comics
Network None
Category None
Software PtokaX PtokaX
Owner Self
Location Finland Finland
Users 58
Peak users 103
Share 179.65 TB
Peak share 263.11 TB
Unique 55 / 0.82%
Clones 0 / 0% ⋅ 0 B / 0%
Infected 0 / 0% ⋅ 0 B / 0%
User limit 250
Share limit 5 GB
Slot limit 1
Hub limit 20
Reliability 89.52%
Last checked 24 minutes 2 seconds
When added 7 years 6 months
Votes 2 ⋅ GoodBad
Website None
Email None
Resources None

Weekly graph ⋅ Period: Sat 20/11 - Sat 27/11 ⋅ Users: 45 - 69 ⋅ Share: 97.50 TB - 212.77 TB

Online users

Nick Share
-ImperialGuard- 0 B
MasterEvan 0 B
[MessageBoard] 0 B
[Scanner]Teachbug 75.19 GB
377bojengas 15.69 GB
Angelus 113.22 GB
Asus1 406.98 GB
Avocet 5.02 TB
Beurk 669.57 GB
Bontaquin 163.25 GB
CaptainCoconut69 337.34 GB
Carcha 35.84 GB
Debuland 95.95 GB
Devin 132.91 GB
DoomBot 1.71 TB
Enoch 14.16 TB
Erasmus 32.71 GB
Eruonen 440.27 GB
Floripa 7.92 TB
Frater 1.84 TB
GR0s 432.47 GB
Home 27.53 GB
Jabba 20.56 GB
Leobuilt 4.39 TB
MGS_ED 73.46 GB
MLGore 36.41 TB
MasterX7 423.31 GB
Pierre3674 1.24 TB
Rundomainer 978.05 GB
SloCrow 431.86 GB
SoylentMandarin 115.93 GB
Stray 1.19 TB
TCArknight 41.06 GB
TNW 9.91 TB
TheWiz 71.62 TB
Trunks9809 837.33 GB
Tsilkani 146.20 GB
Vartotojas 34.42 GB
Venefice 108.71 GB
Vieille_Bique 117.37 GB
Wotrishen 1.64 TB
[Acolyte]rol-oeste 3.39 TB
[snd]kml666 924.52 GB
cant9969 306.28 GB
davidkaran 1.45 TB
donimo1 57.99 GB
egmagal 47.30 GB
hallopep 81.48 GB
hekutorukun 50.52 GB
nekolicious 186.89 GB
neoc 2.86 TB
ninjaonethree 210.07 GB
saidin 163.39 GB
sancee88972 105.60 GB
shadoweave 5.45 TB
spearhunter97 723.39 GB
taftaar 459.48 GB
wesley 18.40 GB


Date Author Comment
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2021-09-24 17:02 Facsantos Hello, it seems i was banned from the server due to being offline too long, this happened due to a personal loss in my life, is there any way i can come back?
Best regards, thanks.

2019-09-09 04:42 Shugotenshi It has been over two months without any further response to my issue. I have been able to connect to other DC hubs without as much as hint of an error. At this point, I'm just asking you to check to make sure that you're not blocking my IP address by accident. Seeing as though no one has ever contacted me about any problems, I want to make sure that it's not on your end.

I have gone through and tried every possible setting from DC++, to my Windows Firewall, to my router configuration. I just desire to reconnect to your hub and I'm out of ideas as to why I can't connect.

Thank you...
2019-06-25 08:08 Shugotenshi @ RoLex

The error that I get on the client is "Connection Timeout" after about a minute or so of trying to connect.

And I did send you a similar answer about a week and a half ago on the Tankafett DC++ site since it was blocking me from commenting here.
2019-06-19 21:05 RoLex @ Shugotenshi

Please read my question again and answer relatively.
2019-06-17 03:44 Shugotenshi @ RoLex

The last time that I was able to successfully connect was on the 3rd of June. My public IP address changed on the 6th of June due to a short, unexpected outage. I tried to reconnect again 2 days after that and have been unable to connect since.
2019-06-17 02:13 Shugotenshi @ RoLex

It seems like my connection to just the Epsilon Station hub is blocked. Either that or it's down and the status pages aren't showing it.
2019-06-13 19:06 RoLex @ Shugotenshi

What doest your client say when connect fails?
2019-06-13 11:50 Shugotenshi I've been subscribed to Epsilon Station for quite a few years now. In the past week, I have been unable to connect to the hub. Strangely, I've been able to connect to other hubs, ones I've just just connected to at random. Epsilon Station seems to be the only one that I can't get to and I'd like very much to get back. If anyone can give any insight as to what might be the problem, I would happily appreciate it.
2019-03-15 19:57 Grubisha Yes. Me too.
2018-10-03 10:55 Indragnir Hi,
I'm getting connection out of time every time I'm trying to connect.
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