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Complaints Complaints please unban

I am used to bans by your database, but usually it seems to be because of some bad word in filename so I rename them to remove all the junk tags and eternity later it gets cleared.
Not this time, though. There's nothing suspicious in the filename, and of course the file itself is perfectly legal. Can you clear this up?
Posted by arteast on 2023-04-30 09:25


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Re: please unban
dc++\!TOSORT\1990 ололол\ололл (12).avi
Replied by RoLex on 2023-04-30 09:30 #646
Re: please unban
Ну, мил человек, кой-чего нехорошее у тебя всё-таки есть.
Replied by Nostrum on 2023-04-30 22:10 #647
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