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i removed a possibly problematic .exe, but that was a week ago iirc.
can you please point me into the direction of the problematic file (tth)?
Posted by lorgo on 2023-04-05 21:11


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Re: ban
i found the file in the AVDB, i have watched every seconds, but skipping through the file in minutespans, it looks ok to me :-)
Replied by lorgo on 2023-04-05 21:18 #626
Re: ban
Looks like a mistake for sure. I removed you from AVDB. Please give hubs a day to update their lists. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Replied by RoLex on 2023-04-06 18:02 #627
Re: ban
perhaps you have "asian" as a word filter?
or might it be "animal"?! :-D
i removed both words from the filename, just to be sure!
Replied by lorgo on 2023-04-06 21:30 #628
Re: ban
and the ban is back again.
according to AVDB due to the same file?!
Replied by Guest on 2023-04-07 08:18 #629
Re: ban
That is why I asked you to give it a day. It takes time to remove from AVDB. Different hubs load the database at different times.

Was there really word "animal" in the file name? I did not see that.
Replied by RoLex on 2023-04-07 08:33 #630
Re: ban
yeah i removed "asian animal" just to be sure.
the tags didnt fit the movie anyway...
Replied by lorgo on 2023-04-07 16:14 #631
Re: ban
We keep investigating your issue. It will be solved soon, sorry for the trouble.
Replied by RoLex on 2023-04-09 19:12 #632
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