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Klagomål Klagomål ⋅ Banned...?

[00:21:09] *** Connecting to
[00:21:09] *** Connected
[00:21:10] <# Ìåäíûé Âñàäíèê> You are banned from this hub:

[*] Nick: #waffles^
[*] IP:
[*] Share: 2943296534485 [2.68 TB]
[*] Reason: Fuck off _ban_
[*] Extra: Here you can ask to remove your ban:
[*] Time: Permanently

[00:21:10] *** Connection closed


I'm sorry, why was I banned??
Postat av #waffles^ den 2018-06-14 06:26


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Re: Banned...?

Yup, somebody from your network used to spam using Tankafett addresses, so I had to add it to client crash list:

[06:15:30] <# Вече> Bad description from #waffles^ with IP detected, crashing client:
[06:18:24] <# Вече> Client crash done with 50100 messages, user went offline: #waffles^
[06:18:24] <# Вече> [03] #waffles^ with IP and class 1 kicked: <# Медный Всадник> Fuck off _ban_
[06:18:24] <# Вече> [03] #waffles^ is registered with class 1.
Besvarat av RoLex den 2018-06-14 06:47#329
Re: Banned...?
No offence bud, but that has nothing to do with me? Can you remove MY ban?
Besvarat av `#waffles^ den 2018-06-14 08:26#330
SO can someone remove my ban? Not sure who spammed your shit but it wasn't me.
Besvarat av `#waffles^ den 2018-06-14 11:56#331
Re: Banned...?
Can we remove the ban please
Besvarat av `#waffles^ den 2018-06-14 17:34#332
Re: Banned...?
Ofcourse we can remove the ban, but you will get a new one once you enter the hub with that description. With other words, your description is forbidden in our hub. You can thank your team mates for that.
Besvarat av RoLex den 2018-06-15 18:22#333
Re: Banned...?
oh well than I just change my description... no big deal? Should have juts said that in the first place lol..
Besvarat av Guest den 2018-06-17 14:43#336
Re: Banned...?
I told you that. =)
Besvarat av RoLex den 2018-06-17 17:16#337
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