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Hublist Hublist Hub ID 806 banned - duplicate

Im running this hub and often switch it from nmdc to adc soft for testing (redirecting users). This seems to cause a problem as i get redirect array ban every time i do this. Is there anything i can do to avoid this? How shuld i setup a redirect to avoid being banned? Last try i did min share with min files count in acd redirect - also got banned for redir array. Ideally i would like to keep both hubs listed.

So in adc hub id 5063 is also banned for the same reason.
I tried to use different subdomains and ports for a quick fix it works until another ban kicks in - but i dont want to trash your list with new addresses every time it hapends. What should i do?

I did send you a message via email as i didnt realise there is a hublist forum section. Now i know.

Posted by Hades on 2020-09-15 08:19


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