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HeXHub HeXHub ⋅ Error in tag using FlylinkDC++

Fake share/client detected from TestNick ( - error in tag "<FlylinkDC++ V:r503-beta92-x64,M:A,H:357/0/8,S:18> ..."

I found this in hub feed this morning. It seems that HeXHub 5.12 finds that specific tag too long. If I replace version part V:r503-beta92-x64 with something else, for example V:1.2.3, everything will be fine. Also for some reason some non existing data like ... is added to above feed message.

The client itself sends regular and correct $MyINFO to the hub, this can be easily reproduced using a bot that can fake $MyINFO:

$MyINFO $ALL TestNick My description<FlylinkDC++ V:r503-beta92-x64,M:A,H:357/0/8,S:18>$ $100    $$27463076190$
Postat av RoLex den 2014-09-24 15:48


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Re: Error in tag using FlylinkDC++
I confirm this issue :/
Besvarat av Guest den 2016-05-22 13:37#160
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