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AdvOR AdvOR How to add nodes to Advor?

I need to increase connection speed so must to add some good nodes in Advor but I can't do it. I do as written in window of favorite entry/exit nodes, I add such line like this: [X]name of node|hash of node. It seems that it should work but it doesn't. When I add nodes, save options, click on "use only chosen exit nodes" and restart connection it always writes that it can't find needed nodes, and when I restart Advor itself, added lines even disappear like if I would forget to save changes. I probably do something wrong. Maybe I write wrong line. Please show me example of right line of adding node. I mean not just what's written in Advor itself (like example of line that I shown by myself) but example of line with truly existing node, in order I seen how it should look like.
Posted by Justcameask on 2019-11-19 13:53


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