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AdvOR AdvOR Wildcard for a more efficient ad blocking in AdvOR


AdvOR is one of the most valuable pieces of software on the net, thank you so much for it. I use it for years now in conjunction with a no-js-Firefox as my default browser and it's just amazing. Thumbs up, so cool, thanks to you, I can push online anonymity to a max.

Only one thing: YouTube is pushing their in-video-ads hard these days, I guess it's because of ads via *.googlevideo.com. Yet they put random codes in front of the domain, like for example r2---sn-a5mlrnel.googlevideo.com. Therefore, is there any way to use wildcards in the banned addresses-list?

Vektor wrote in 2012

""." is a wildcard"


But this does not seem to work in the banned addresses-list, I tried all combinations. And in 2014, somebody asked "Can we update the "Proxy > Banned Addresses" section, so we can use * as a wildcard in hostname?"


Therefore, is there any way to block all subdomains using a wildcard in AdvOR? If not, perhaps you could include this functionality in the next update, this would be pure awesomeness! Thank you so much for your outstanding work.

Posted by Alex on 2018-06-13 00:05


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