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AdvOR AdvOR Huge problems AdvOR to connect

Hello !

Huge problems AdvOR to connect ! mostly as i observe due fake routers ! Another problem that i see here is router blacklist ! Router Blacklist should be distributed within AdvOR and update should not wipe out/delete the old one due if some blacklist router manages to connect/interconnect then router blacklist can not download at all ergo no connection possible and old one does not exists any more ! If then so connection possible i test it with some torrent sites, if can not connect to site and/or download torrent file then is something wrong with current router setup tested with bitche and browsers with torrent search ! Google block TOR not possible to connect at all also some others search engines ! We should have some sort of KAD network search engine decentralized an anonymous if that were possible ?! NastyAmericans want to implement some sort of EU Patriot Act !!! We are not terrorists an we want to be leaved alone and not bothered with problems for that Americans are guilty of it. Google also should be banned from EU soil !!! We need our own network and putting C.A.L.E.A out of order - Americans can record them self ! Politicians have fail to represent us in the first place and have commit treason on people that should be represented om many area ! Brexit happened 2x let go Britain ant their wire-trapping internet within !!!
Posted by Steve on 2016-06-28 13:33


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Re: Huge problems AdvOR to connect

Yeah, politicians are very dirty today, I totally agree with you.
Replied by RoLex on 2016-10-19 13:23 #220
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