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AdvOR AdvOR Updated directory authorities since AdvOR

Here is the official list of updated directory authorities that is used since AdvOR

moria1 orport=9101 v3ident=D586D18309DED4CD6D57C18FDB97EFA96D330566 9695 DFC3 5FFE B861 329B 9F1A B04C 4639 7020 CE31
tor26 orport=443 v3ident=14C131DFC5C6F93646BE72FA1401C02A8DF2E8B4 847B 1F85 0344 D787 6491 A548 92F9 0493 4E4E B85D
dizum orport=443 v3ident=E8A9C45EDE6D711294FADF8E7951F4DE6CA56B58 7EA6 EAD6 FD83 083C 538F 4403 8BBF A077 587D D755
Tonga orport=443 bridge 4A0C CD2D DC79 9508 3D73 F5D6 6710 0C8A 5831 F16D
longclaw orport=443 v3ident=23D15D965BC35114467363C165C4F724B64B4F66 74A9 1064 6BCE EFBC D2E8 74FC 1DC9 9743 0F96 8145
gabelmoo orport=443 v3ident=ED03BB616EB2F60BEC80151114BB25CEF515B226 F204 4413 DAC2 E02E 3D6B CF47 35A1 9BCA 1DE9 7281
dannenberg orport=443 v3ident=0232AF901C31A04EE9848595AF9BB7620D4C5B2E 7BE6 83E6 5D48 1413 21C5 ED92 F075 C553 64AC 7123
urras orport=80 v3ident=80550987E1D626E3EBA5E5E75A458DE0626D088C 0AD3 FA88 4D18 F89E EA2D 89C0 1937 9E0E 7FD9 4417
maatuska orport=80 v3ident=49015F787433103580E3B66A1707A00E60F2D15B BD6A 8292 55CB 08E6 6FBE 7D37 4836 3586 E46B 3810
Faravahar orport=443 v3ident=EFCBE720AB3A82B99F9E953CD5BF50F7EEFC7B97 CF6D 0AAF B385 BE71 B8E1 11FC 5CFF 4B47 9237 33BC
Posted by RoLex on 2016-03-10 04:07


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Re: Updated directory authorities since AdvOR
That's what I needed, thank you.
Replied by Staff on 2016-05-17 13:00 #148
Re: Updated directory authorities since AdvOR
Replied by Guest on 2016-05-21 16:01 #156
Re: Updated directory authorities since AdvOR
no more 404 error, thx
Replied by Guest on 2016-05-23 14:30 #162
Re: Updated directory authorities since AdvOR
google result ok good2
Replied by czacek on 2016-05-24 16:47 #165
Re: Updated directory authorities since AdvOR
What is "google result ok" ?
Replied by ee on 2016-06-24 14:59 #172
Thanks so much, I have been using this for the last few years -
gone through several updates & it just keeps getting better !!

Great Work Team Elite, Keep up the great work - its much Appreciated

Replied by MADNESS (GAB) on 2016-12-15 08:24 #234
Re: Updated directory authorities since AdvOR
You're a damn life saver!!!
Replied by Lamer on 2016-12-28 17:44 #235
advor is dead ?

advor ne se connecte plus chez moi comment faire ?
Replied by fanfan on 2017-01-25 17:12 #236
Re: Updated directory authorities since AdvOR
@ fanfan

We don't speak French.
Replied by RoLex on 2017-01-26 11:37 #237
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