You can insert a smiley into the text field by clicking on the image. Close the popup window when you are done inserting smilies.

Code Description Smiley
:acute: Acute acute
:aggressive: Aggressive aggressive
:airkiss: Air kiss airkiss
:angel: Angel angel
:beer: Beer beer
:biggrin: Big grin biggrin
:blush: Blush blush
:bomb: Bomb bomb
:bored: Bored bored
:bye: Bye bye
:bye2: Bye bye2
:clap: Clap clap
:congrats: Congrats congrats
:cool: Cool cool
:crazy: Crazy crazy
:cry: Cry cry
:dance: Dance dance
:dance2: Dance dance2
:diablo: Diablo diablo
:dunno: Dunno dunno
:empathy: Empathy empathy
:empathy2: Empathy empathy2
:empathy3: Empathy empathy3
:fool: Fool fool
:fool2: Fool fool2
:fool3: Fool fool3
:gamer: Gamer gamer
:giveup: Give up giveup
:good: Good good
:good2: Good good2
:greeting: Greeting greeting
:hang: Hang hang
:happy: Happy happy
:heart: Heart heart
:hello: Hello hello
:help: Help help
:hmm: Hmm hmm
:inlove: In love inlove
:kiss: Kiss kiss
:kiss2: Kiss kiss2
:lol: LOL lol
:mad: Mad mad
:mad2: Mad mad2
:mocking: Mocking mocking
:morning: Morning morning
:morning2: Morning morning2
:music: Music music
:negative: Negative negative
:nope: Nope nope
:okey: Okey okey
:pardon: Pardon pardon
:playboy: Playboy playboy
:pleasantry: Pleasantry pleasantry
:praising: Praising praising
:rofl: ROFL rofl
:rofl2: ROFL rofl2
:rolleyes: Roll eyes rolleyes
:rolleyes2: Roll eyes rolleyes2
:rose: Rose rose
:russian: Russian russian
:sad: Sad sad
:scared: Scared scared
:scared2: Scared scared2
:scratch: Scratch scratch
:secret: Secret secret
:secret2: Secret secret2
:shock: Shock shock
:shout: Shout shout
:smile: Smile smile
:sorry: Sorry sorry
:stop: Stop stop
:throwup: Throw up throwup
:timeout: Time out timeout
:tongue: Tongue tongue
:tongue2: Tongue tongue2
:wacko: Wacko wacko
:wink: Wink wink
:yahoo: Yahoo yahoo
:yes: Yes yes
:yummy: Yummy yummy
:yummy2: Yummy yummy2