Ledokol 2.7.9

Changes in 2.7.9
Fixed: Use newline character as delimiter in word ranks instead of using it as part of the word
Changed: Chat replacer now supports PM using flags, 0 = MC & PM, 1 = MC, 2 = PM, old and default items have 1 = MC, idea by JOE™
Added: Try to display country code along every IP address in hub feed messages
Added: Check for invalid patterns on antispam, search filter and forbidden MyINFO detections and their exceptions, feed message with solution is sent when error is found
Added: Feed notification for replaced PM messages aswell
Added: Main chat flood detection from all users, messages are ignored for now, enable with chatantiflood = 2
Added: List of users with same IP to user information

File information: Ledokol 2.7.9
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New on hublist

Just wanted to let you know that we have added hubs with most comments to hub statistics page, might be interesting to see what hubs have most active users. Please don't try to get on top by posting crap in your hub comments, or your hub will get banned and comments deleted. Happy commenting.

Also you can contact an administrator to set or modify your hubs contact information such as website and email address.
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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone!
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Advanced Onion Router

Changes in
- corrected: the subdomain was not removed from an .onion address when searching for its rendezvous descriptor (thanks to AyrA for reporting this problem on sf.net)
- the OpenSSL library was updated to openssl-1.0.1g
- geoip_c.h was updated with GeoIPCountryWhois.csv released on April 2nd; there are 93477 IP ranges having 102 ranges in the fake "A1" country; 98 ranges were approximated to real countries

File information: Advanced Onion Router
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Ledokol 2.7.8

Changes in 2.7.8
Fixed: Missing translations on ban and unban
Fixed: Secondary right click menu item order
Fixed: Version numbers comparison on update
Fixed: VIP kick was not accessible with new style commands in Verlihub
Changed: VIP kicks are made with users nick instead of bot nick
Added: Basic vote kicks using +votekick <nick>, configured with votekickclass and votekickcount
Added: CTM protocol flood actions, 0 = drop, 1 = kick, 2 = temporary ban, 3 = permanent ban, request by KCAHDEP

File information: Ledokol 2.7.8
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