Ledokol 2.8.2

Changes in 2.8.2
Fixed: Check if user is protected before running antivirus scan on him
Fixed: Ignore translation file version number when updating to last development version, report by S0RiN
Fixed: Correctly escape backslash character in cURL parameters
Changed: histbotmsg value 0 = don't save bot messages, 1 = save all except main chat reminders, 2 = save all, idea by Uhlik
Added: When blocking infected users tell pingers to not send report, idea by S0RiN
Added: Command to force infected user detection
Added: Reduce size of AVDB to download by using "notime" parameter, idea by FlylinkDC
Added: Detection of special virus spreaders who reply to any random search request, enabled by default, idea by Lord_Zero and MaxFox
Added: Report path of infected files to AVDB
Added: Command to search in AVDB, known types are nick, addr, size and path

File information: Ledokol 2.8.2
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Ledokol 2.8.1

Changes in 2.8.1
Added: Bot list to statistics collection
Added: Chat notification when news item is added, idea by Uhlik
Added: Virus spreader detection action to block connection requests to user, used by default, request by Ger
Added: "dev" and "force" parameters for "ledover" command available for class 10 to force update to last development and stable versions
Added: Try to download translation file when it doesn't exist
Added: Missing user agent on AVDB load
Added: Support for cURL exit codes to identify usage problems
Changed: Load AVDB using timestamp to reduce data transfer
Fixed: Negative GeoIP coordinates are valid
Fixed: Download correct translation file on script update
Fixed: Special NMDC characters in shell error messages were never escaped
Fixed: Show correct result on user lookup, either user is not found or server is down

File information: Ledokol 2.8.1
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New on our website

We've got bunch of new tools during past couple of months, so it's time to announce those.

* Hubs from IP

This tool allows you to find addresses of hubs that used to or still belong to specific IP address and reverse. Our hublist is main source of this database.

* Antivirus DB

This tool allows you to find users who spread viruses on DC hubs, either by nick, IP address or share size. Information about such users is provided by owners of different DC hubs all around the world, including Team Elite hubs. Reporting access is restricted, please contact us if you would like to become a contributor.

* Character set converter

This tool allows you to upload a file to our server and convert its content character set between selected encodings using iconv library. You will probably be prompted to download converted file back to your computer, if not, your browser will download the file automatically. Uploaded files are instantly deleted from our server. You should click here to learn more about iconv library if you didn't already. Please let us know if you would like more encodings to be added to the list.

* Ledokol translation converter

This tool, known as AVDB, allows you to upload and convert Ledokol specific translation files with extension LANG to GNU gettext specific translation files with extension PO and reverse. The point of this tool is to make Ledokol translation files compatible with Transifex translation service which doesn't support LANG files. You will probably be prompted to download converted file back to your computer, if not, your browser will download the file automatically. Uploaded files are instantly deleted from our server.

That's it for now. Every each of these tools is work of Team Elite.
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Verlihub 1.0.0-RC2

Changes in 1.0.0-RC2
@ https://github.com/verlihub/verlihub-1.0.0/commits/master

File information: Verlihub 1.0.0-RC2
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Ledokol 2.8.0

Changes in 2.8.0
Fixed: +me command triggered by operator did not perform any operations
Fixed: Renamed "cleanup" command to "oldclean" since Verlihub has got "clean*" prefix reserver for some of its own commands
Fixed: Pattern of "oldclean" command parameters
Fixed: Correctly encode nick with cURL on user lookup
Fixed: Case sensitivity in vote kicks, report by Uhlik
Fixed: Don't send user commands to clients that don't support them
Changed: Allow pingers to use +report command, required for AVDB
Changed: Store country code gags permanently, request by MaxFox
Added: Custom orderless gettext() format for translations, strings must be in format "english|translation\n" with each string on new line, comment with # character
Added: Detection of paramenter count mismatch in translation strings, this helps to detect errors in translation files
Added: Support for replace variables in mitagmessage, <cl> = client, <ve> = version, <mo> = mode, <hu> = hubs, <sl> = slots, <li> = limiter
Added: Virus spreader detection with AVDB support, requires cURL
Added: Antivirus statistics, general and for each user separately
Added: Load infected user list from AVDB and kick them when they log in, disabled by default
Added: Commands to clear kick votes for user and list all current votes, request by Uhlik
Added: Triggers with Ledokol replace variables support, request by S0RiN
Added: More replace variables: custnick class classname uuptshrt uuptlong userhost userip geoiprange geoipcity geoipregcode geoipregname geoipcc geoipcn geoipconcode geoipconname geoiptz geoipcoord geoippost geoipmetro geoiparea myinfodesc myinfotag tagclient tagversion tagmode taghubs tagslots taglimit myinfoconn myinfostat myinfomail myinfoshare myinfoexshar myinfosupport myinfonmdcver
Added: Support for L1=Local Network and P1=Private Network country codes

File information: Ledokol 2.8.0
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