Note, this is alpha stable release, final release will be made at some later point.

Changes in
Unofficial changelog:

Fixed: Access violation error at address 0051F885
Added: Reply on single word based on what Abdul was thinking about
Added: Some interface simplifications

File information: Abdul
Posted by abdul on 2015-11-26 01:43 | 0 comments | 0 likes

Verlihub 1.0.0 RC6

Changes in 1.0.0 RC6
Commit log: https://github.com/verlihub/verlihub-1.0.0/commits/master

File information: Verlihub 1.0.0 RC6
Posted by verlihub on 2015-10-04 13:50 | 0 comments | 4 likes

Ledokol 2.8.7

Changes in 2.8.7
Fixed: rename command parameters when used from user menu, report by KCAHDEP
Fixed: Pingers can use +report command in PM to hub security bot when gag is set, report by KCAHDEP
Fixed: Incorrect IP in connect request notification
Fixed: Class number check on reglist command
Fixed: Don't allow forced infected user detection on users who don't share anything, report by KCAHDEP
Added: Save hub messages from operator chat bot in operator chat history, requires VH_OnOpChatMessage callback, request by KCAHDEP
Added: Turkish language, thanks to Mauron
Added: langfileprefix country code validation, also allows use of full country names in English
Added: User log search by country code

File information: Ledokol 2.8.7
Posted by ledokol on 2015-10-03 13:31 | 0 comments | 3 likes

Verlihub 1.0.0 RC5

Changes in 1.0.0 RC5
Commit log: https://github.com/verlihub/verlihub-1.0.0/commits/master

File information: Verlihub 1.0.0 RC5
Posted by verlihub on 2015-07-11 23:54 | 0 comments | 5 likes

Ledokol 2.8.6

Changes in 2.8.6
Fixed: Missing $OpList command separator, report by PPK
Fixed: Missing built in right click menu items, report by Uhlik
Changed: Hublist user lookup now accepts type parameter such as nick, desc, tag, conn, mail, share and ip
Added: Antispam debug option to see which entry caused detection
Added: histdel command to delete history messages by text, request by KCAHDEP
Added: Use custom nicks in all chatroom broadcasts when available
Added: Regular and country code chatroom history, request by KCAHDEP

File information: Ledokol 2.8.6
Posted by ledokol on 2015-07-11 20:08 | 0 comments | 5 likes
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